Looking to Maximize Income from your San Diego Rental Property – Build an ADU!

Looking to Maximize Income from your San Diego Rental Property - Build an ADU!

An Accessory Dwelling Unit, or an ADU, is defined as a separate dwelling that is either attached to or detached from a main home. You might know them as granny flats, in-law suites, casitas, guest houses, backyard homes, or companion units.

No matter what you name them, ADUs are an effective, innovative, and affordable way to add much-needed housing in California.  Backyard homes are also eco-friendly and conserve land usage by being added to property already used for residential or multi-family housing. Adding an ADU is cheaper than buying an additional home or rental property since you already own the land and have access to existing utility hookups. They can be used for short-term rentals (30 days or more) or they can be rented out to a long-term tenant.

At OneStop ADU we specialize in helping property owners leverage space to build and rent out ADUs. We work with our sister company, Onyx Property Management, to maximize income if you desire to rent out your main home and/or ADU. Our expertise in leasing, management, and tenant relationships will ensure you have a profitable and pleasant experience as a property investor.

Benefits of an ADU to San Diego Real Estate Investors

The San Diego housing market is in a crunch. Inventory is low and there’s a high demand for well-maintained housing.  With such high pricing, there’s a need for affordable housing and homeowners are looking for ways to leverage their own property and space. With an ADU, you can add a rental unit to your existing property and contribute to housing solutions while gaining some extra income potential.

Why is building an ADU a great investment?

  • You already own the land on which the ADU will be built.
  • Even if you don’t reside in the main home, you can rent out your ADU.
  • The equity in your main home allows you to access the capital you may need for construction.
  • You can use your granny flat as a home for aging parents or adult children.

Long-term vacation rentals are also allowed. You cannot rent your backyard home for fewer than 30 days in San Diego, but you may attract visitors who are in town for a few months.

ADU Regulations and Restrictions in San Diego

ADUs can be built on property in San Diego that is zoned for either single-family or multi-family residences. You’ll also must obtain a permit and the property must be free of code violations. We can help you navigate the requirements by working with the city and handling the entire process.

If the property you currently own does not have any existing space such as a two-car garage that can be easily turned into an extra living space, consider constructing a separate structure.

Work with OneStopADU

When you decide you want to add an ADU to your home, OneStop ADU, your San Diego backyard home experts, can help turn your San Diego backyard dream home into a reality. We take care of design, permit processing, inspections, construction, project management and property management through our sister company, Onyx Property Management.   In addition, OneStop ADU has teamed up with some of the top lenders in San Diego that will match you with the best loan programs currently available.

By partnering with our qualified team, you can expect a turnkey solution that helps you take advantage of the ADU opportunity. We offer:

  • 6 pre-designed floor plans
  • 3 style options and customized finishes
  • Permit processing and project management
  • Lender matching program
  • Property management once your ADU is ready to rent

OneStop ADU clients will also enjoy these bonus inclusions

  • ADU feasibility study provided at no charge at initial in-person consultation
  • Construction drawings included for our 6 pre-designed plans with signed contract
  • Permit processing (does not include city fees) included with signed contract
  • Solar included with construction for our 6 pre-designed plans (San Diego Zone 7 requirements)

We’d be happy to tell you more about how the application and approval process works. When we meet, we can give you our thoughts on whether your property is an ideal fit for an ADU.  A consultation and feasibility study costs you nothing.

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