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What is an ADU?

An ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) is an attached or a detached independent dwelling unit added to an existing lot with a single-family or multi-family dwelling. These secondary units are also known as granny flats, in-law suites, casitas, backyard homes, guest houses and companion units. No matter what you name them, ADUs are an effective, innovative, and affordable way to add much-needed housing in California.

Backyard homes are also eco-friendly and conserve land usage by being added to property already used for residential or multi-family housing. Adding an ADU is cheaper than buying an additional home or rental property since you already own the land and have access to existing utility hookups.

Why San Diego?

New state regulations passed on January 1, 2020, have made it simpler than ever to add a casita to your property whether you reside in the main home or own an investment property. These new California laws were instituted to help mitigate the dire affordable housing crisis and soaring property costs. Depending on jurisdiction, you can add a stand-alone detached unit up to 1200 sq. ft. as long as side and rear yard setbacks are a minimum of 4 feet and there is no required minimum lot size!

Certain municipalities have more specific ordinances and OneStop ADU will navigate all the red tape for you. Pre-set plans and our extensive knowledge on what building departments are looking for will help with quick permit issuance and avoid costly resubmittals and fees.

We have outlined the best options below to finance the construction of your new companion dwelling

What are the Benefits of an ADU?

As real estate professionals, we believe these new state regulations offer unprecedented investment opportunities for homeowners and investors. By building a backyard home on your property with OneStop ADU, you can provide affordable housing options for family members, friends, or renters and:

  • Increase your property value
  • Generate a passive, monthly income by renting out your companion unit, primary dwelling or both
  • Reducing or offsetting your housing expenses with added cash flow

What are the steps for building my ADU in San Diego County?

Step 1

Feasibility Study (up to 2 weeks)

            Free In-Person Consultation                (2-5 days after)

Step 2

Plan/Model Selection

Contract Signing

Step 3

Property Survey Completed

Preparation of Plans for Submission to City (3-5 weeks)

Step 4

Initial Plan Review 

Step 5

Plan Approval

Step 6

Permit Issuance

Finish Selection

Final Pricing Locked In

Financing Approval (if applicable)

Step 7

Ground Breaking (within 30 days)

Step 8

Completion of your Dream Backyard Home (4-6 months)

*Estimated timelines only apply for clients who have selected one of OneStop ADU’s predesigned plans.

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