Aging in your space

Aging in your space

The new way of living

Times have changed and many have decided staying in place with family means the most.

Have you dreamed of turning your backyard into a home for family members or possible rental income?

OneStop ADU was created to make this dream a reality. We have turnkey solutions for any homeowner wanting to take advantage of this opportunity. Our goal was to produce a market with affordable housing and we have done just that through designing ADUs, also known as accessory dwelling units. This concept is hitting the California market by storm. As our older population continues to rise their desires are to stay within their community. This is also known as aging in place and the option of secondary dwellings provides them the outlet to do just that.

But first we must understand what ADU means???

An ADU can be an attached or a detached independent dwelling added to an existing single or multi-family dwelling. These units provide an affordable way to add much needed housing within the California market. Initial changes on regulations in the State of California on ADUs took effect January 2020. This allowed for the process of constructing an ADU to be an easier and a more affordable option. ADUs are also known as in-law suites, granny flats, backyard homes, guest houses and more. These structures not only provide options for aging in place but also the opportunity for multigenerational living that allows for privacy among families that merge. Backyard homes are eco-friendly and conserve the usage of land. Many also find that adding an ADU is more affordable than buying or renting property. The benefits of adding this structure to your primary dwelling are immediate increased property value; potential passive, monthly income and reducing or offsetting your housing expenses due to added cash flow if rented out.

You now may be asking what’s the process?

Working with OneStop ADU will make the process of adding your ADU one that is less stressful and executed professionally. With our 6 pre-designed plans including three style options and interior and exterior finish selections, we are determined to provide our clients with choices that will help speed up their process. Our overall construction pricing includes architectural plans, structural plans, Title 24 report, permit processing and required solar for your ADU (based on Zone 7 requirements according to square footage). We truly leave no room for surprises or unknown expenses that could arise.

Where do we start?

At OneStop ADU we want to streamline your build process. We pride our company as a one stop shop from inception to finished product. We value the excitement one should have when improving their property and adding to their space. Our hope is that you choose us for a free consult and to build your next ADU. We are the backyard home experts and serve owners and investors in the entire county including San Diego, Chula Vista, Oceanside, Carlsbad, and the surrounding areas.

Building an ADU in San Diego for Retirement
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