Starting with a Feasibility Study

Starting with a Feasibility Study

Thinking about the possibility of adding an ADU to your property? The first step in your process should start long before your build, with a feasibility study. A feasibility study is an assessment of the placement, practicality and approximate cost of a potential project. Not only is this study useful to avoid wasting resources if it may not be feasible, but it also helps give you a clear understanding of the overall project before moving forward. The study also evaluates any potential obstacles or factors that may impact the build. The main goal is to establish the placement, plan options, approximate city fees and any jurisdictional regulations that may affect construction.

Feasibility studies are an important step in ADU planning as they help to save time and money for homeowners. While they may not be a legal requirement, skipping this step can lead to unexpected surprises later in the project. At OneStop ADU, we offer a complimentary feasibility study as a mandatory first step for your project to be aware of obstacles such as utility issues or easements that could impede construction. This allows us to ensure the ultimate success of the project.

A feasibility study usually includes:

  • A site plan that shows the location of the ADU, primary residence, and other existing structures, as well as topography and ancillary development
  • A proposed ADU design, including floor plans and elevations
  • A report that incorporates jurisdiction information, lot area with dimensions and recommended foundation type.  
  • The price to build the structure and approximate permit costs based on the information gathered during the feasibility process.

Feasibility assessments can determine whether a build is economically practical, providing a safeguard to avoid squandering money. On the other hand, a buildable project will confirm its feasibility and provide an approximate cost, allowing homeowners to determine if it aligns with their personal goals. The purpose of the feasibility study is to identify the necessary steps to prepare for and construct your ADU, allowing OneStop ADU to handle it from conception to finished product. Additionally, unlike other ADU design and contracting firms in the San Diego area, our feasibility studies are complimentary as part of our build process!

If you’re ready to see if your dream ADU can be a reality, contact us by phone at 858-437-8476, or email at to schedule an in-person meeting and a free feasibility study of your property. To learn more about why OneStop ADU is unique, visit our website

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